CRETIN: /kret'in/, /kree'tn/, n.
Congenital loser; an obnoxious person; someone who can't do anything right

CONCRETIN: /kahn'kret'in/, /kahn'kree'tn/, n.
Cretin who loves to skate concrete

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Can you make the cut?

What? Steve-O landed a heart attack? I didn't even know he rode a motorcycle, let alone knew what FMX and a heart attack was! We gotta get that on video! OH, wait, he HAD one! Holy Shit!

Alright... There are things you hope for when you go to see someone who has had a heart attack, there are certain things you expect. You hope they're ok, but you expect them to look like shit with bags under their eyes and like they've been smacked with a truck. But Concretins don't play dat.

We walk into to Steve-O's room, and he's smilin' and laughin' sittin' in the chair(sportin' a team shirt no less) and his wife is chillin' in the hospital bed... Perhaps I got misinformed... Nope. He's the "sufferer." And to hear him tell it, I bet his nurses suffered more than he did. Fan-fuggin-tastic! He had already been working on "better living" and I think this was just Chins way of sayin' hurry up a bit. So Leah got to take him home today - good luck Leah! Keep up the good work and welcome home SkidMark! Glad you're ok.

So on the way home from the infirmary, Alice and I stop at Rafferty's for dinner, 'cause we're feelin' good that our friend is ok. In his hearts honor I even order the "spinach tortilla wrapped chicken" thing and nothing fried - but accompanied by a Corona, of course. But we decided that the more friends we have, the probability of some tradgedy goes up exponentially. So we're makin' cuts people! If you will kindly forward your family medical history and skate related resume to, that'd be great. Bros Skids are grandfathered in with the recent cardio incident, and they're brothers. The rest of you, Get your stuff together. Get healthy and no stupid shit, 'cause I WILL slap a skate sticker on your coffin!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Corydon Session

Just 2 'cretins this time... melting in the heat... the Ohio Valley sucks this time of year. Anyway... A killer session! I was on a mission to learn frontside grinds. I'm after ya Skidzilla! After many a bail I FINALLY got one and it was so easy! It's all in my head. I got a few more, even a couple of lil' slashers, but still nothing like Gimpy and OMP. I'll get there. At least I know I can do them now. Just gotta commit. I've pretty much got pivots locked in on his ramp now.

As for Mofo... he continues to earn his name every session. Let's see... Drop in revert(what?), blunt to grab back in fakie, bs ollie to tail (second try), ollie to blunt fakie, his new crailslides, and the coolest smith grinds hung way out. OH, and a half cab heelflip dorkin' on the flat. He was on and smilin' the whole time. I was workin'. He was havin' way more fun. Freakin' ramp owners. Thanks for helpin' me learn frontsides though. Until next week.

I hope to be home from northern Indiana(again) early enough on Saturday night that I'm not too whooped to skate the "church" session on Sunday. BUT, I may get a chance to skate Fort Wayne skatepark on Saturday!! Here's hoping!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Iowa City

Fun park but minimal flow

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Roadtrip report!

So much gnar, so little talent for literary expression. But I'll try... (pics have been added!)

Day 1 - Thursday - Skidzilla drove the entire way and I slept half of the 4 hour trip. The only way to travel! In Chicago, we hit locked in traffic on the "expressway" so we exited (after 30 minutes to go 2 miles and $3.15 worth of toll).

Chicago Traffic SUCKS!

It worked out perfect as Paul & Dana rolled up a mere 2 minutes after us at Wilson Ave. Skatepark. Skidz and OMP were stoked with the park, as I was last year. I knew they'd love it. I forgot 2 things, a push broom and my gnar. I had some good runs in the flow but couldn't keep any speed in the bowl. They were smokin' the bowl (no, that's not what I meant) and held their own with the locals. We tried but Skid and I could not swell the berries enough to roll in on the no bump coping. It wasn't the coping, it was the steep and deep. I got great footage and someone even recognized us from a roadtrip they took to Louisville back in April! Concretins ARE famous! (I think it was the big black boom box though.) I don't remember the locals names... Dave talked to them more. Post 'em up Skidz!

OMP can fly!

Skidzilla ain't skeered of no concrete coping!

Shootin' from above.

Almost 5 hours had gone by fast and we still hadn't eaten since Lunch in Indy. I was starving and agreed to try Thai food for the first time ever. Beef, jalpenos, and rice... meat and spice... goooood. It's hard to mess that up. Later, Dave was told we were in one of the rougher neighborhoods of the area. Didn't seem nearly as bad as others I ventured into on Friday. The drive "home" to Hobart was bit sketchy, only because I drove a BFV, that didn't belong to me, in Nascar traffic. Paul was trailing and made some blocking moves that helped tremendously. No new scratches on the van and only minor 'crete rash on the 'cretins. Roadtrips will certainly teach you that Gnar really STINKS.

Day 2 - Friday - Lazy wake up and then breakfast at the Hobart Parkview restaurant. Dave found my phone that I feared got warshed with pads, keeping my wig out neurosis tendencies at bay. We took surface streets to Whiting, Indiana, only taking a few detours (we were NOT lost) as the maps just weren't detailed enough, but we found the park no problem. We roll in hoping for super fun round wall and speed lines. Nope. AGAIN I forgot to get a broom (so did they) so we couldn't take full advantage of the deep end due to muck and puddles. The snow brush on the ice scraper just doesn't do enough. We certainly carved as much as we could. The deep end was BIG, smooth and fast. Now, not to whine, but the "Hole" bowl was lumpy, had stupid scary coping, and had a piss-poor design. The oververt pockets were kinked right in the middle. But Skidz and OMP powered right over or up and around them. GNAR. I never ventured higher than necessary for a decent pump. Puss. We were still feeling the drain from Wilson Avenue, but Dave stepped up. He took lots of test runs, but then charged the hole... his vagina flared and he bailed. But that initial first try was done. The 3rd or 4th try was so close that he simply stated "I'm gettin' this" with tenacity that conveyed it was a done deal. I figured 2 more runs and he'd have it. But alas, it just didn't happen. If there had been more than 2 feet of flat before some stupid hip waterfall thing, the fear of the bail would have been microscopic, allowing for larger cajones. Sorry Whiting. You have a HALF decent park. Not sure we'll be back.

Smooth but grimey - take a broom with ya bright boy!

'Cretins and the butt of the Whiting Skatepark.

We roll south to Crown Point and their small ramp park. Of course we like 'crete better, but these ramps were built perfectly with 2x6 framework and cross bracing, 2 layers of 1/2" ply, and top layer of SkateLite. Rippage was easy, there were no bumps and the coping was set right. Though a bit mellow, the mini spine was SO much fun. Lots of groms on fruitboots were slightly irritating, but when aren't they? Two stand out locals were Bryar(sp?) and Matt. Nothing like a 15 year old handing you your lunch and shredding better than you now and better than when you were their age - when they were NEWBORNS! Buggers. All the kids were friendly and we got THE question - "Are you guys sponsored or something?" Thanks Bry, that made our day! Keep huckin' those frontside 360s and you'll get 'em. (You probably already have by now.) Dave hit many a 50-50 and Paul was SKYING bs airs on the 6 foot super smooth mini. We got a fun unplanned doubles run on the spine as well. Nothing fancy, just fun. Of course we couldn't duplicate it with the cam rolling. At the very end of our session - the ladies were waiting on us at home - we started attempting a 4 foot ramp to mini gap. I was able to set the wheels down over and over but never able to roll away. We left it undone. Dammit!

Home to Hobart. The ladies endured a few gnar and gnarless stories with the love that makes such roadtrips possible. Thanks Babes! Mr. and Mrs. Skidzilla ditched us at this point to hook up with an old college bud in Chicago, and go shopping for "Swedish disposable furniture." He talked of hitting Wilson, but he dint. Mr. and Mrs. OMP headed to the malls of Valpo. And my woman and I headed to a BON JOVI CONCERT! Yea, that's right. And we loved it! Say somethin' punk! We all laughed about the kid at Crown Point that said, "Oh yeah, my parents are going to that." So we're old. Tell us something we don't know! I did not "keep the faith" and pissed and moaned about the rain as we were on the field of Soldier Field (no roof), but realizing that I was upsetting the wife, I apologized, shut up, and the rain immediately went away. Allowing for uninterrupted enjoyment of the show. THREE encores even. Nickelback was a good opening show as well.

Have A Nice Day!

Bon Jovi ROCKS! Shuddup Punk!

Thank you to the pedestrian off duty cop that stopped garage traffic to let us out of our $35 parking spot - we were able to let him out 15 spots away. Cool. We avoided the deadlock prone Chicago highways and headed south on Halsted. Don't do that. Ever. Sorry folks, I was nervous and it only got worse the further we went. We were so far in that it didn't matter which direction we went, the neighborhoods weren't gettin' any cleaner or safer. Ladies, get a real job, that doesn't involve street corners, and Guys, learn to fuggin' drive on your own neighborhood streets, and don't walk in front of a cars going 35 mph, particularly with a kid in your arms dumbass, and just simply mow your lawn, and maybe THEN I won't bad mouth southside Chicago. Until then... it sucks. Period. FINALLY we hit 80-94 and got the hell out. We ended up exiting just in time near Gary to avoid yet ANOTHER blockage - at 12AM! I think will never live in "The Region." Sorry Alice. Buy THE lottery ticket and we'll talk.

Day 3 - Saturday - another lazy morning and Alice cooked breakfast - she rocks. OMP and I hit Crown Point again for a fun session, but got shut out for an hour as the park doesn't open 'til noon. How dumb. But that's the only bad mark they get. It costs $1 to skate all day. How cool. (Trust me, it's worth diggin' in the couch for 4 quarters. I would have given them $5.) The groms showed up again and were stoked to see someone so stoked on their park. We talked to Malcolm, local staff member, about Louisville and a few other new parks in the region we'll have to hit next year. But sorry dude, Crown Point is much more fun than Whiting! I STILL left the ollie gap unfinished. Same shit, different day. Grrrrrr.... Paul had a good line grinding the street quarter into the 6' mini. Another fun session.

Well done Crown Point.

We grabbed the ladies and headed south and decided to forego Greencastle as it was so far out of the way and we got a late start home. We chose Bloomington instead as the ladies could go shopping in Nashville, IN - a cute lil' artsy fartsy town - except they rolled up the sidewalks at 8:00, an hour before we met them due to our over stating our gnarlessness and thinking we wouldn't skate the bowl very long. We actually watched just as much as we skated but we still stayed too long. Gabe and a few other 30-something locals were tearing down the pool coping and hips. Man that's fun to watch! Paul learned the balance of harsh slickness that is pool coping and started shredding 50-50s. GNAR! I got fast roll-ins in the mini capsule to 50-50s on the swell, to speed runs in the bowl. BIG thanks to Nicki and her family for keeping the Concretin mascot dog company while we attempted gnarage. Duncan was very happy to have lil' people paying attention to him as Dad was on the wrong side of the fence. Definitely give us a shout if you head to the Louisville park! It is WELL worth the trip! And we will be back to Bloomington, no doubt. We finally get out of there to meet the ladies and have one last meal together at TacoBell. MMMM... Paul decides he has nothing left for Louisville in the morning and they head home to Lex. Thanks for makin' the trip!

Gabe rippin' the deep end!

I love the sound of pool coping grinds... it sounds like... GNAR!

Thanks Nicki! Duncan really appreciated the company!

Day "4" - Sunday - I had told Kyle I'll definitely be at the park in the morn, knowing I'll be worthless for skating. But I take my board, lead elbow, and helmet at least for a few carving lines. Just to keep my 'crete legs. (My muscles are ok, it's the multiple elbow and knee to 'crete collisions I can't handle - even with pads.) I take the cam just in case, but Kyle SAYS he's kinda tired too, probably nothing worth filming. Watching some California tourist (Shane) rip up our park, lit something in Kyle. Once we talked to Shane and realized he was "one of us," let alone his rippage, the session was on. I was a good boy and did not cave to peer pressure to attempt normal skate lines and tricks sans full pads, but wish I had brought them, as a session is so much more fun with friends who are ripping too. I concentrated on camera work. Shane hit big ollies over the the channel, both BS and FS, and killer crail slides... which Mofo decided he needed to learn - TODAY. What, maybe 10 tries later, he had them. AND I got it on film! It was crazy! I finally put the cam away (for the 4th time) and plan to start home. Just to be an ass, I tell Mofo I expect those sliding from the 4' to the 6' next week. "How about 6' to 4' " he says, " 'cause I was gonna try that now." "Fine, but I ain't filmin' it bitch!" "I don't care." BAM! First try! Sonuva...!!! Way to go Mofo. You really do suck. :) Not sure, but I'm almost glad you didn't go with us... would have pissed us off ALOT I imagine! Nah, it would have been more fun.

Freakin' California Tourist! Must you shred our 'crete and shame the lame like me?

MOFO! Doin' what he does best...
Making us all look like amateurs. Punk.

I hate to say it, but multiple parks in just a few days is just about beyond my years - at least at this state of fitness. But as Shane said, if SAlba is still going, we have at least 10 more years, right? Gnar is apparently like heroin, you get a just a hint of that high and you want more more more. I have a gnar problem, I can't find enough of it. But it's out there, and I'm having a blast searching for it. Where's yours?

Seek him out. He knows the secrets of gnar.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Chubby Weiners - Chicago, IL

Of course

Friday, July 21, 2006

Red Rooster Restaurant - Hobart, IN

What th' ...?

Wilson Avenue - Chicago, IL

Day 1 - We finally drag out about 9:30 EDT after hours of shredding at this park. The threat of rain was constant, but left us alone the whole time. Well worth the trip!

Whiting, IN

Day Two - Gnar Depleted after 4+ hours in the Bowls in Wilson last nite. Attempts were made, but successfully carving over the hole remains illusive (i.e. it didn't happen!)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Yankees Beware!

The Concretins are coming! The Concretins are coming! That's right Baby! Drain your pool, share your beer and lock up your daughters!

This Thursday through Sunday, 'Cretins are invading "The Region." Better known as Chi-town and Northwestern Indiana for the rest of the world. We're gonna shred the parks in Crown Point, Valpo, Portage, Whiting, and Wilson Ave. Park in Chicago. Wood, 'crete, we don't care, it's all goin' down! They built it, we skate it. Some of them have seen me before, but I'm packin' new Gnar now - and I'm bringin' friends! I ain't skeered! (unless there's pool coping) Team security guard, OMP, gots my back. He'll give those pool edges a fat lip, no sweat. And my boards already chipped, I'll help ya eat it if necessary.

Drop us a line if ya wanna shred a park and meet a few legends (in our own minds). And don't be shy, Skidzilla is always stoked to sign autographs! But please, be respectful during our moment of silence for the missing 'Cretins on this trip - Mofo, Gimpy, and Steve-O. We'll bust a pivot, roll-in, and a rock fakie for ya!

We apologize in advance to the officers of the small town of Hobart being required to work overtime this weekend. But PLEASE clean the cell toilets before we arrive and we'll try not to puke in your cruiser. Thanks. See ya soon!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

4 Days in Daville. Nothin' Like a Vacation before a Vacation.

Yeah, I know it's only taken me a week to post this. Being computerless sucks sometimes.

So, it was a couple weeks ago and just a day after one of THE best weekends ever (witnessing Chris Miller and Andy Mac shred my not so local park) that I get a most memorable call from Skidzilla saying he & family are heading to Idaho for a week and would I be interested in Skatepark sitting xxxxx I mean housesitting for a few days??? Hmmm . . . the opportunity to stay in a killer pad, located in one of the coolest neighborhoods I have ever seen, and just a few miles away from one of the very best skateparks in the world that I usually have to drive my balls off to skate for a few hours??? No brainer for shore. Anticipation for a long-awaited vacation to Hatteras was put on the backburner.

All I'm gonna say is it turned out to be a classic weekend skating with friends and hitting the Louisville park EVERYDAY as well as skating Kyle's barn paradise plus Bloomington and Columbus, IN parks. The only thing missing was Skidz. Nuff said. Here are a few shots:


Anybody who says Paul caint skate none is full of shit.

Nick carving past his Chinness.

Mofo is just getting too good. He needs to stop. Mad-ollie over the horse?? What???

. . . and what appears to be a frontside air across the Mac gap.

Droppin' in fer dubs.

So much fun.

Grindin' in The Coug's hometown.

Mofo had these on lockdown.

Hatteras anticipation is on strong now as I'm sure it is for you all for the Chi-town roadtrip. Have a Blast and I'll see you all in Daville when I get back !!

Flight of the Concretins

Some photos that Jaunito left on the computer: Please turn your attention to the Flight Attendant prior to departure for your safety instructions.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

En Fuego

Just a cool pic I couldn't let alone. Write your own caption. (use the comment button)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

He is watching...

Carve well, carve fast, SteveO-son

Do not fear the deathbox, for it cannot harm you

Air well, air high and be wise coping hopper

Pure Stupidity - Wish I'd Thought of That

The Bureaucrats in the Metropolitan Parks Dept. of Eagle, Idaho approved funding of the pictured "skatepark." It is set in the middle of one of the nicest playgrounds I have ever seen. It has jungle gymms, water features, climbing walls and this.

Skidzilla Checks Out

I was buying new band-aids today to cover Kidzilla's 4th of July fireworks burn. UberDad that I am decided it was okay for him to set off a pull-string smoke-bomb. I mean, hey, what can go wrong? He didn't even have to light a match. Well, I wasn't smart enough to show him how to hold it. He pulled the string and immediately torched his finger. So, one week later I'm still on wound care duty. Thus, the Walgreens visit.

The woman working the counter was old, frail, and most inquisitive about my shirt: yellow with black Concretin Logo.
"Whazyer shirt say?" she asked.
"Concretins" say I.
"Oh. I cuddn't make it out."
Clearly, now she understood. I tried not to smirk at the non-chalantness.
As I paid, she looked out and saw the clouds and said, "Well. It ain't a very good day for concretin' today."
"No it's not," I said - Exiting and laughing.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Endless Summer...

The fun continues... yet ANOTHER killer full on session. Jon & I actually did bust out the cams this time, but I didn't use any of the "grips" I've built even though I packed 'em all in. The weather was absolutely perfect! The park never got too crowded and we had a visit from a SkateTN member, "nsxmatt" who is actually a Hoosier! Perhaps we'll meet again in Bloomington in a few weeks? He also risked a copyright lawsuit and brought out some great Ban This style lip tricks. DaVille locals Brimley and Wade also joined us. Wade was wearing a 'crete magnet on his shoulder, but eventually shook it off and started cruisin'.

Jon provided killer tunes from old skate videos. Everyone was ripping. Particularly Mofo, (as usual) who has been busting out tailslides galore and 5-0s on the 'crete as well as REALLY working on frontside airs. Working is a relative term-he was launching them - everywhere. And I think he did every grind and slide he knows from the 4' to the 6' or vice-versa. Mofo. It's definitely a sign that it's gonna be a rippin' session when HE shows up in full gear. (He usually skates "neked" - padless.) The super long run using the 4' shallows, the 6' AND the bowl that he began "thinking" about last year at KingOfTheRoad was his standard run - everytime. Guess running those marathons has bolstered his stamina a bit, huh? (Look out ladies!)

Paul's rippage was no surprise either - but I still don't understand how he maintains his wiring of this park when he skates it MAYBE once a month. Bugger. THEN after he warms up (what, maybe 4 runs?) he "upgrades" to his slightly softer Rainskates wheels with Bones ceramics... And he became a blur. He was FAST and floating HUGE backsides and backsides to stalls. And he was smiling everytime I saw him do a slash grind over the new "deathbox." It certainly makes for a great pic.

Steve was hitting his carve line perfect everytime and never looked winded the whole session. Apparently cutting back on the cigs and a practice session on the warehouse quarter are helping! Keep it up Steve-O. It only gets better from here!

The big surprise was Jon and Paul's doubles runs! They were stickin' together, splittin' up, then reconverging like they've been ridin' together daily. There were a couple close calls, but damn it was entertaining! We got quite a bit of footage of it too. I cannot believe how much stuff we have to edit for the next vid! And we still have a roadtrip to film! Jon was also stickin' the pop-out-manual-roll-back-in like it was old school. (wait, it is - but still smooth.)

The highlight for me was ROLL INs! Finally! After about 20(no joke) "practice" drops in the street area (no coping) I finally swelled the cajones to try it over coping, into the 4'... and it was SOOO EASY! They all told me it would be, but those first 2 or 3 into the tranny were definitely nerving... but then it was cake. I was so stoked and that was pretty much all I did for the next hour... roll in and pop out... snakin' people just to cross over so I could roll in again and again. I've also discovered I need to take potassium pills or sumtin' because I had a debilitating charlie horse after a deep end run. I couldn't even stand up to walk out of the shallows... Never had that happen... it sucks.

Oh yeah, just after I learned roll ins, I got THE question from some grom obviously not paying attention... THE question? "Are you sponsored?" Hilarious! (All the more amusing because Jon and I had a conversation just 2 days ago, after the Corydon session where I pussed on roll ins... you automatically think a skater is so much better when you see them roll-in instead of tail drop in...)

I'll try to get some pics posted later this week, as I imagine Jon will too. We also need to see a full report on his DaVille SkateVacation(including the Bloomington Pool session with Mofo). And we await further post from Potatoland and the 'Zilla.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Concretins Idaho Annex

Zane Pierson has agreed to charter the latest installment of the world-wide network of Concretins. Pictured here with Skidzilla and Kidzilla, Zane's got the looks that kill.

Only twelve, but already a down-hill ski champ and a snowboarder. And with a smokin' new park growing virtually in his backyard he could be our first pro.

SkateNite Delicacy

Recipe for Rippage: Three 'Cretins, 3 boards, 1 set of pads (for the light weight 'Cretin), mix with one ramp (still reeking with that new Gnar smell) for 2 hours. Serve with water and Mountain Dew. Enjoy!

I can claim nothing but fun and 50-50s. Still missed a few, but I ain't skeered of 'em at all, at least not on the ramp. I did stick a well popped half cab 360 rock, once. Everything else I did was sketchin' but I still had a blast. I completel pussed out on attempting roll-ins. Patience, thin 'Cretin, patience.

As with most of us when heading to the Corydon "training ramp," Jon decided he needed to learn something new. "I think I'll try tail slides tonight..." and less than 90 minutes later he had 'em. Along with new frontside rock-n-rolls. Bugger! And pick a rail slide variation... so smooth... He's just stoked to be on a "mini vacation" here in DaVille. Skatin' all day everyday, with plans for a trip to Bloomington on Sunday... Welcome back to Louisville Jon!

Then of course we have ramp owner Kyle. We give him a lot of hell... but damn does he earn it! This was his 8th day in a row skating... so he was out of control! He was throwing everything. 4 or 5 different cess slides on the TajMaWall, all his standard high speed grinds and silky smooth rail slides, with a few blunt combos thrown in for the hell of it. Then out of no where he spins an "alley oop 360 rock-n-roll slide" (sliding backwards) all the way across the ramp (you figure it out...) Perfect. No sketch, no wheel bark, super smooth. Then he starts - and finishes 5 tries later - this funky 5-0 grind pointed up and over the deck (a salad grind?)... it looks damn hard. It's frustrating, especially when I'm struggling in a session, but I am trying to be more positive and encouraging to Mofo - you know, "Great run!" instead of "You suck you bastard!" Oh yeah, a couple of perfect KF fakies (back to back) and a "frontside smith stall to frontside rock-n-roll." WHAT? Hope he has a good lawyer, 'cause he's gonna get a letter from Ban This producer Stacy Peralta for copyright infringement!

Please buy that winning lotto ticket for Saturday Alice. I wanna be a ramp owner.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

FutureGnar: McCall, Idaho

I can tell by looking at the current state that the design has evolved subatantially from initial plans. The original idea had no Idaho Bowl - the only thing completed so far. Nor does it show a left kidney in which is obvious from the forms in place. A Local Grom claims this will have pool coping. I sure hope it does. The rest of the construction looks bad-ass and I look forward to future in-law visits because of it.

Other claims by The Grom: a) the completed bowl is the shape of Idaho - believable when looking at it; b) the park was designed by Tony Hawk - possibly, but doutful (it may have been a recipient of a grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation. One web search made such claims.); and c) will be one of the top 10 parks in the country - maybe, but it will definitely be awesome

The completed bowl - potato-state shape that it may be - is so smooth and fast, you can carve all day - if your lungs are adjusted to 5,000 feet elevation, your legs are ready to pump, and your cajones are set for lots of vert!
What would be the southern border is rectangualer made of two large square-ish bowls. One roughly six foot that drops to an 8 - 9 foot area. The connection between these has an extension that pumps it up to around 11 feet. Like the state of Idaho, it gets thinner as you head North, up the West side. It trims to a sweet 5 foot mini, then limbs into to about a 3 foot capsule - which I have yet to figure out how to carve. Just dropping in a capsule this small and shallow is hard (for me). Fortunately the capsule can easily be left off of any line you can muster. The tranny is perfect thoughout and the taller sections have enough vert to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Here's one of the reasons this bowl is awesome, and I believe the park will ultimately be so gnarly - it is being built by skaters.

I barged the bowl the first two days I was here. The grom said it was cool with the construction crew. The third day the construction guys were actually there, so I felt obligated to ask. The first guy I spoke with took one look at my Concretins shirt and said, "you from Louisville? I skated that park. I love the full-pipe!" I felt all warm inside as I dropped in with the blessings of the work crew.

Who Knew?

While waiting for the troops to rally, and feeling slightly bored, I found this bit of info. May your life be better because of this knowledge.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Vacation Rocks! Eagle, ID Skatepark Sucks!

Our second flight from Minneapolis to Boise was delayed an hour, but was of little consequence. I woke up Monday on EDT and headed straight for the new Eagle, ID concrete skatepark.. I got close, but had to place an emergency phone call to Nick who guided me the rest of the way via cellular telephonic communication using web directions. You Rock, Nick!! Too bad the park didn't. It looks awesome as you can see, but the nicest thing I can say about this park it that the bathrooms were clean enough that I actually sat my ass on the seat to take a dump - something I have attempted in a public restroom approximately 1.3 other times in my entire 39 years on the planet.

The lack of coping was odd, but it didn't matter cuz you cain't get to the top of the walls, which are short by most standards (about 5' max), thanks to a transition that has about a one foot radius that stops all forward momentum. The finish is similar to gravel. This park was clearly built by morons who have never seen a skatepark, never ridden a skateboard, and never worked with concrete. Definitely NOT worth the trip.

The second best thing about this park is the single piece of graffiti I saw:
The original sign said "Helmets Required, something Prohibited." I laughed when I saw the Emo Kids scrawled into the sign - complete with crying face for the 'O' in Emo - making the sign read 'Emo Kids Prohibited.' A great rule for all public and private places alike.

I left bummed and went to take some photos/cop a quick ride at McMillan Skatepark about 15 minutes away. The ramps are great and the trannies are perfect. This park would be a whole lot of fun to hit with the crew and without a little kid sitting in the car screaming "can we go now, Dad?!" every three or four breaths.

So, Eagle sucked. And I was left holding a 45lb bag of skateboards, pads, and clothes thinking I might no get to skate again this trip. The bag was a father's day present. It's awesome and holds a huge amount of clothes and gear (mine + Gibby's - aka Kidzilla). But, Damn! I hate to haul it only to use it once. But, good fotune smiles on Skidzilla: the park in McCall (where we are staying till Saturday) has a completed bowl that TOTALLY smokes. The construction guys let you skate it while they attempt to complete the rest. See below for initial photos. Tune in tomorrow for a complete report.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Skidzilla Heaven (minus the ladies)


Skidzilla Hell