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Congenital loser; an obnoxious person; someone who can't do anything right

CONCRETIN: /kahn'kret'in/, /kahn'kree'tn/, n.
Cretin who loves to skate concrete

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Endless Summer...

The fun continues... yet ANOTHER killer full on session. Jon & I actually did bust out the cams this time, but I didn't use any of the "grips" I've built even though I packed 'em all in. The weather was absolutely perfect! The park never got too crowded and we had a visit from a SkateTN member, "nsxmatt" who is actually a Hoosier! Perhaps we'll meet again in Bloomington in a few weeks? He also risked a copyright lawsuit and brought out some great Ban This style lip tricks. DaVille locals Brimley and Wade also joined us. Wade was wearing a 'crete magnet on his shoulder, but eventually shook it off and started cruisin'.

Jon provided killer tunes from old skate videos. Everyone was ripping. Particularly Mofo, (as usual) who has been busting out tailslides galore and 5-0s on the 'crete as well as REALLY working on frontside airs. Working is a relative term-he was launching them - everywhere. And I think he did every grind and slide he knows from the 4' to the 6' or vice-versa. Mofo. It's definitely a sign that it's gonna be a rippin' session when HE shows up in full gear. (He usually skates "neked" - padless.) The super long run using the 4' shallows, the 6' AND the bowl that he began "thinking" about last year at KingOfTheRoad was his standard run - everytime. Guess running those marathons has bolstered his stamina a bit, huh? (Look out ladies!)

Paul's rippage was no surprise either - but I still don't understand how he maintains his wiring of this park when he skates it MAYBE once a month. Bugger. THEN after he warms up (what, maybe 4 runs?) he "upgrades" to his slightly softer Rainskates wheels with Bones ceramics... And he became a blur. He was FAST and floating HUGE backsides and backsides to stalls. And he was smiling everytime I saw him do a slash grind over the new "deathbox." It certainly makes for a great pic.

Steve was hitting his carve line perfect everytime and never looked winded the whole session. Apparently cutting back on the cigs and a practice session on the warehouse quarter are helping! Keep it up Steve-O. It only gets better from here!

The big surprise was Jon and Paul's doubles runs! They were stickin' together, splittin' up, then reconverging like they've been ridin' together daily. There were a couple close calls, but damn it was entertaining! We got quite a bit of footage of it too. I cannot believe how much stuff we have to edit for the next vid! And we still have a roadtrip to film! Jon was also stickin' the pop-out-manual-roll-back-in like it was old school. (wait, it is - but still smooth.)

The highlight for me was ROLL INs! Finally! After about 20(no joke) "practice" drops in the street area (no coping) I finally swelled the cajones to try it over coping, into the 4'... and it was SOOO EASY! They all told me it would be, but those first 2 or 3 into the tranny were definitely nerving... but then it was cake. I was so stoked and that was pretty much all I did for the next hour... roll in and pop out... snakin' people just to cross over so I could roll in again and again. I've also discovered I need to take potassium pills or sumtin' because I had a debilitating charlie horse after a deep end run. I couldn't even stand up to walk out of the shallows... Never had that happen... it sucks.

Oh yeah, just after I learned roll ins, I got THE question from some grom obviously not paying attention... THE question? "Are you sponsored?" Hilarious! (All the more amusing because Jon and I had a conversation just 2 days ago, after the Corydon session where I pussed on roll ins... you automatically think a skater is so much better when you see them roll-in instead of tail drop in...)

I'll try to get some pics posted later this week, as I imagine Jon will too. We also need to see a full report on his DaVille SkateVacation(including the Bloomington Pool session with Mofo). And we await further post from Potatoland and the 'Zilla.


  • At 8:55 PM, Blogger OMP said…

    OMP had a great time!
    Those double runs add another level to skating. A few of us were talking about how much fun it is now that we've realized that tricks are fun...But speed carving is starting to be even more fun!

    Thanks to everyone for showing up!

    Skidster....we missed you!

    Can't wait to see you on the tour!


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