CRETIN: /kret'in/, /kree'tn/, n.
Congenital loser; an obnoxious person; someone who can't do anything right

CONCRETIN: /kahn'kret'in/, /kahn'kree'tn/, n.
Cretin who loves to skate concrete

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Again with The Question

Killer Weather and an extra hour of sleep made for a rockin good Sunday Morning Church of Skatin. Slight head-ache from the 2nd Hand Nicotine Haze from the Frank Black show at Headliners on Sat., but manageable. Brett, Kyle, Mark, Kidzilla - and even Nick who didn't think he could make it cuz of the long-ass, post-midnite Indy to LouKy haul. But, he did cuz he got that aforementioned extra hour of sleep.

Nick was hell-bent on 50-50in' the 6 ft corner. His 'tude was infectious and eventually we all hit it. But it was short lived. The Crete Giveth and The Crete Taketh away. Still a bad-ass time at the park. Kidzilla got a dose of thru-the-pad-road rash and was bummin. So we struck out for the crib in search or Band-Aids.

But Sunday still had plenty-o-fun in store: Brinley's 5th Annual Halloween Bash!

I was stoked about this party since I got the invite. Even more so cuz I been readin Kidzilla 'Captain Underpants'and I had the perfect, easily-made, highly comfortable costume in mind. It actually started as a joke and I told Kidzilla I was going to be Captain Underpants for the party. He begged (goaded?) me until it was a done deal. Plus it had the added factor of making Nick a little nauseous. So I did it.

I was banking on Nick to be there when I showed up to get the instant, ice-breaking guffaw. Unfortunately, only Eric and his family full of people without children in the Captain Underpants demographic (boys, ages 6-12), so the costume was more frightening than funny. But, hey, being scary is what Halloween is all about.

Eventually, more people showed up that got the joke, but trepidation to talk to the guy in his underwear still hung heavy in the air. But it was was when Amber made her husband, Eric's co-worker Aziz (sorry, if I spelled that wrong), cuddle up to Captain Underpants for a photo that the universe, once again, became a beautiful place. After the photo Aziz and I chatted and made nice while he tried to ignore my underwear. He said he worked with Eric. I said I knew Eric from skateboarding. That's when Aziz said the magic words, "Skateboarding? Are you guys professionals?"

I went home a happy man!

BTW: Nick was an Ant with an "Adam" name tag, escorted by a very silky, sexy Red Riding Hood.

Thanks, EB, for a killa par-tay! And, in the words of Captain Underpants, "Never underestimate the Power of Underwear!"

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Back at it!

The basement redo has taken up so much of my time, and worse, virtually all of my gumption and mental focus. But this weekend, I got back to important things like skating. With a little help from my friends. Gimpy was fresh off the injury list and ready to rip. High speed and high gnar 50-50s with no fear of the blinding shadow to bright morning sun contrast in the 6 foot corner. Manuals, and frontside 5-0s smooth as ever. Welcome Back Jon.

Brett, Skid, and Mofo were all in for the session. It must be nice for your first warm-up run to include a manual all the way around the capsule, like Brett. Dave was charging with fast and controlled hip hops and runs twice as long as everyone else. Mofo was amazing everyone, again, by throwing big frontside airs, 5-0s, and smooth lipslides all over. His tailslides are really irritating, because he does them so well, they've begun making his board sound as if he's sponsored by Briggs&Stratton. (flatspot) I was working hard to wire 50-50s. I had more of a practice session. While Dave had a few vaginal flairs, most of my bails were just not doing things right. Sketch master. At least I'm comfortable and attempting them consistently without hesitation. Slow progress, but progress. We also met a "new" local. Christian has just relocated to DaVille from park rich Florida. He was really pushing it. It was fun chatting with him, but very painful to watch his frontside hip transfers... Jon and I convinced him that while scary, rolling in was easy. It took me 3 days of convincing, it only took us 3 minutes to convice him. One roll up, just to check out the idea, and then bam, he rolled right in, no problem. Good job Christian. Welcome to DaVille.

I now have proof that Mofo is a machine. For some unknown reason, he and Skidzilla have taken to this pedestrian pavement pounding hobby of running. So every once in awhile, they get together with a few thousand other purposeful pedestrians and run for 13 miles or so. Why? I guess because they can. I like to think they're gearing up for some street skating high bust risk sessions. They don't have to outrun the wannabecop security guard, they just have to outrun me. I'll show up for a few moments to cheer them on their pedestrian adventures, but that's it. And I still reserve the right to give them hell for being peds on purpose. Oh, the proof? Kyle ran 13 miles with his eyes closed. Whatta freak.

But wait, we're not through yet. OMP rolled in LATE on Sunday. Around 7:30 in the PM. I don't remember ever skating on a Sunday evening. We had a great session, though it was friggin' cold. It was hard to skate with your eyes watering from the cold on a speed run. Paul was shiverin' but still amazing to watch rip the place up, particularly considering he hasn't even seen this place in well over a month. Not sure how he does that. It wasn't crowded at all, but it sure felt like it. It was a real snake session with the bikers. Now I remember why I haven't skated much in the evenings...

Anyway... a great weekend. Thanks people. Life is good.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Weather

Looks like this Saturday is gonna be a pretty nice day in Louisville. Hmmmmm . . .

Friday, October 13, 2006

Skate in the Mall? (Extended Friday the 13th Dance Mix)

Sorry I couldn't resist some extra stuff (I couldn't get the photos off my phone while on the road, so I had to add today.)

Woodward Skateparks bought the old Vans park in Discovery Mills Mall. I made to 40+ mile trek out of Atlanta last nite to check it out. Awesome vert and a killer mini with spine. It was Old School Nite, so, I got in for $5 (instead of the usual $8).

I had a coworker in tow who lives near-by the mall and is regaining the skatebug of his youth. He was sporting a brand new set of whells, and I kept giving him shit about how slick they were gonna be in all that dust. Ha! I jinxed myself. My wheels were slicker than a waxed weasel. I couldn't keep the board under me. I wasn't the only one - everyone was complaining. I think the cold snap sapped all the moisture out of the air and left behind all the slick, death-dealing goodness of rampant warehouse dust. I exited unscathed, but my confidence was definitely shaken.

I wasn't sure they were going to let either one of us skate cuz of this sign, but I guess it only applies to parents watching. Or, maybe they just make exceptions on Old School Nite (see Little Tony's comment).

The Mall added a huge Grom factor. Oddly, none of them skated the mini or the vert. So, I was well out of their way and didn't have to deal with 'em too much. It was fun but maybe not worth $8 (the full price) - especially given the slam factor with all the dust.

Bonus: For reasons unknown, there was a huge group of Asian kids outside the skate area Break Dancing. Bad 80's music and everything. It was more surreal than a David Lynch production.

There was a time when I could land a frontside air. BruthaSteve even has it documented on video. Well, now I cain't. Here's how I feel about it.

When I grow up I wanna have my picture taken with a happy face! (This will happen when I can land some air - I promise)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Fun but Project Producing Weekend

Friday - The inlaws called and they were coming in LATE, excellent. That means we get to meet the Skids at the grand opening of The Pink Door! Killer joint!! I have seen the light - that comes from a 20' screen! Way to go Werles!! Once we have a 'Cretin gathering and SkateVid screening, it WILL be the OFFICIAL Bar of the Concretins! Ya can't go wrong with a bar that has a drink called the "Godzilla Fart." This will be the venue for the new vid premier party. (mid-November??) Crap, guess I need to get on that project. Oh, upon the half inebriated return home, there was message saying the inlaws weren't coming in tonight at all!! Party on Garth! And the house was surprisingly presentable, all basement crap considered. (and it remains presentable even)

So Saturday morning I hit the park, alone. Buncha loser 'cretins. Brett at least showed up as I was leavin'. A pretty good session. I haven't really hit it hard in a few weeks, so I was surprised at my comfort level with 50-50s in the six and pivots galore - standard shtuff. Got home with the inlaws only a half hour out... and ready to go to a really cool wedding in Cherokee Park (Alice's cousin Leigh). They did not have a videographer, so I offered my services at the VERY last possible minute (shoulda called earlier in the week), the bride was coming up the side walk as I was unpacking the cam. The photographers were very cool and let me go anywhere I wanted to get a shot. I got some great footage of the ceremony and reception, with lots of great stills, but without external mics, I'm sure the audio is crap. But I should be able to complie a nice keepsake video with some music overlay. Just what I needed, another video project. I didn't promise a quick turnaround, but perhaps a nice Christmas present. I'm excited to see what I can produce for something slightly more important than skateboarding vids.*GASP* Sacrilege!!

Saturday afternoon I discovered my first impression of Segways, (you know the technogeek scooter) is still that, it's a geek mobile. BUT, I totally understand why people ignore the goofy factor and get one... they are a BLAST to ride! (Alice's bro-in-law has one.) Yes, I know, you(I) look ridiculous riding it, but it's really fun. It is possible that a Segway will reside here someday, but it definitely will require a flame paint job or perhaps some diamond plate to laughably outweigh the geek factor with the fun factor. Maybe a slime green 'cretin paint scheme... But do I really need another project? (check this!

I apparently married into the dork side of this family(the Segway probably gave it away huh?) - 'cause we got ditched Sat. night (parental-in-laws, us, and sis&bro-in-law) by the rest of the family. But, arriving at an Aunt's house around 10:00 - unnannounced (though we thought we were expected), we put together a fun and LONG game of "Mexican Train" (shuddup Dave, it's Dominoe's you jackass). We finally made it home at 4am. A fun day with the Larson clan. I think I did good with the marryin'. They didn't lose a daughter, they gained a dork.

Sunday was a lazy start with breakfast and discussin' home improvements. Everyone wants to spend our money differently. But we've put together a plan combining everyone's ideas and it's gonna be much cooler than when we first moved in. Getting different opinions really helped stoke the creativity, so we hit Lowe's for a strictly shoppin' trip. We bought a book and that's it. We actually spent about 90 minutes looking at everything and getting even more ideas. Great, more projects.

I know it's gonna feel great to have the basement redone. And it's been a "someday" project for a REALLY long time. You call it procrastination. I call it delayed gratification. Finally, we are on the "fun" side of the clean up process. The basement is a clean slate awaiting our vision and sweat equity. We have decided to finish the roughed in bathroom - so we'll have one to use when we redo the main bath upstairs. Just what I needed, another friggin' project.

When Dave grows up, I hope he discovers the secret to finishing projects, and helps a brother out.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Check It!

Nasty, death-dealing stuff in the park today! Tar in the six foot snake run - not too detrimental to Concretin runs cuz of where it lies, but I steered clear by a mile. Tar on the Vert Ramp - that f'n thing is slick enough without petroleum by-products liberally slathered all over it. Reports of Chocolate Milk in the deep end. Mark said, "like, 3 gallons of it." So, I didn't even head that way. Good time, tho. Perfect weather, not too crowded, and some good lines were flowin' my way.

Andrew "2fresh" Hamm was once again snappin' away with his high-class digital camera. He even makes our bails look good! Thanks to this, and the fact that he is self-proclaimded "The Unoffical Photographer of The Concretins," I have added a link to his blog (top billing no less!). Click it NOW! Be sure to scroll down far enough to see the snapped wrist. Fortunately, it ain't mine or any Concretin.

When I grow up I want to actually make a Five-O, and not just look like I can do one in a photo.