CRETIN: /kret'in/, /kree'tn/, n.
Congenital loser; an obnoxious person; someone who can't do anything right

CONCRETIN: /kahn'kret'in/, /kahn'kree'tn/, n.
Cretin who loves to skate concrete

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Skidzilla Recovery and Bowling Green Recon

0500: Catch up with MoFo and continue south. Check
0800: Meet Team Geritol and Skidzilla at Concrete Wave skatepark in Nashville. Check
0805: Commence rippage. Check (sorta)

Skidzilla wasted no time AT ALL, as in first run, in the deep and he was puttin' urethane to tile, and on every run thereafter. I finally nutted up enough to drop in on the pool coping, it still sucks. I don't like it. Don't feel a need to do it alot anymore. MoFo even donned a lid for the helmet nazis, though they never showed. He was bustin' fs airs all over the deep end. I got a nice ollie over a big cone in the street course but all in all, my personal session as CW was L A M E. I can't skeet none.

(For the full album, click on any of the insanely huge photos. I'll try to fix them eventually).

-Funkmaster goin' REAL OLD school-
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Jim and Jeff were blazin' fast. Soooo much faster and smoother than the last time I saw them skate CW. (and that's FAST and SMOOTH) Jim even busted out on a skinny lil' board older than me and hit a FS grind with it. The bugger. And his bs hip airs are 2' out! But he still hangs on 'til he hits the flat, which scares me every time but he rolls away clean and still stylin'.

The 'Cretin boombox trunk inspired him to make something similar, though smaller, and hella more portable.
-Check this out! iPod JAMBox-
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I am now inspired to sell the parts of the big trunk, in order to make one like HIS that we can actually use on a regular basis without having 2 people to load and unload! Good job Funkmaster Jim. "Your style is very good."
-The Rainbow Warriors - (Grippy, MoFo, Jeff, Skid, Nik, Jim, Elvis)
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Grippy joined us, just his second session back from metal-screws-in-bone surgery and Elvis rolled up as well, though we were all melted and worn out by then. We'll skate longer next trip... trust me...

But it will be in BOWLING GREEN! Holy cow this park ROCKS! It has a compact footprint, but there are 3 great bowl sections, all separated, and all with supa smooth 'crete and tranny. One even has an oververt pocket tucked away behind a true half pipe (as in no flat bottom 9:00 to 9:00 round pipe at about 10 feet high). It was challenging to find smooth lines, but not at all difficult to find and maintain SPEED! We were all blazing with ease. The street course was packed full of obstacles, including a mini with a spine, 2, 4, and 6 sets of stairs. I can understand how it can get crowded there pretty easily, but deal with it street rats, that park is a Nice'N!

My biggest complaint: No shade! Humans melt in the sun, and with the heat bouncin' up from the 'crete, it was an oven. They also need to install an irrigation system for the grass, because ya need grass to help keep dust and dirt, leaves, etc. out of the bowls. But as far as the skatepark elements go... Well done Bowling Green. Well done, indeed.

That session was definitely one of redemption for us all. Even Skidz stepped it up and charged the oververt without hesitation. I eventually found a line in and up, but Dave was really carving it. I'm not mad at him for having more style than me, I just wish it wasn't so obvious sometimes. (No, wait, yes I am.) Kyle busted down the 6 stair set with a huge ollie, made several kickflips out of the bank and again threw down fs airs where ever he felt like it.
-Skizilla ain't skeered-
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-Nikoli is-
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-Skidzilla mooning traffic from the combi.-
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-MoFo gettin' his street ON!-
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-MoFo bustin' 1 of many fs airs-
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If you want to learn to carve, go to Bowling Green. Don't worry about the coping, you won't need it to have a good time. "You won't be happy unless you're doin' Mach2 with your hair on fire." -Charlie - TopGun


  • At 9:25 PM, Blogger OMP said…

    Nice report!
    Too bad OMP had to skip this one.
    Sorry Team Geritol! Hope to see you soon!

    Great pics! Will have to make a trip to BG in the near future.

    OMP coming back to DaVille 6/24 all day session. Who's gonna be in town?

  • At 6:20 AM, Blogger Nikoli said…

    Dude, I LIVE HERE! :) See ya Sunday.

    OMP, you will absolutely LOVE BG. You know how there are parks built for certain skaters? That one is built for YOU! I look forward to getting some gnar footage of your slashers and airs in the combi!

  • At 9:13 AM, Blogger travio said…

    Dude, I got the first hand report from Kyle yesterday. Which reminds me to say thanks again Mofo for helping me get the new water heater up and running. I believe Oliver is probably splashing gleefully right now in a warm tub of water;)

    The BG park looks awesome, can't wait to skate it. I'll be there Sunday the 24th, look forward to skating with OMP once again.

  • At 6:35 PM, Blogger gimpinainteasy said…

    Sorry I missed this one, but definitely not sorry I went to Kona and saw my family!!


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