CRETIN: /kret'in/, /kree'tn/, n.
Congenital loser; an obnoxious person; someone who can't do anything right

CONCRETIN: /kahn'kret'in/, /kahn'kree'tn/, n.
Cretin who loves to skate concrete

Friday, June 23, 2006

DEW'n it some more in DaVille

Dew Tour Day 2

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I am SO hyped!!

First, lemme say I'm such a light weight. Good Lord, 3 beers and I am floatin'! Tom hooked me up twice, since I spent $20 bucks on a hat. AND he hooked up the Concretins with 2 VIP passes. You Da Man Tom! Next major skate purchase comes from your shop across the big creak in Corydon!

Skidzilla, Kidzilla, and I started off the evening cruising the Village and watched a bit o' the FMX prelims. Got some GREAT shots. SOO much better than the background of empty bleachers last year! I definitely hope to get more pics like this tomorrow.

Scorpion in the sky!

Look Ma! No hands!


We went inside to check out the skate vert practice, just before the rain. Good call. Tom joined us to watch Gentry go SKYING, Mathias was on blunt variation duty and Andy Mac was as tech as ever. Man, I could sit there all day and watch them all "practice." They were goin' off! Bucky looked like he felt bad or something. He'd hit 2 walls and just bail. Hope he's alright. It was hard to remember to take pics of practice so I could enjoy just watching the actual contest tomorrow and Sunday. We got kicked outta skate practice(what??) so we went to watch the bikers. They were just as insane on the park course. Gotta throw out props to the woman who helped Tom and I get 2 beers each (limit of 1) when we went on the beer run and Skid&Kid grabbed us some VIP seats. What a stupid policy! No beer runs at KEC, you ALL have to stand in line for a beverage. At least they weren't $7, but $4.50 still ain't cheap.

Skid & Kid eventually bolted and Tom and I hung out to wait for another Tom to arrive and then watch the finals of BMX park. So we're sittin' outside chillin' when Mike Metzger walks by! (the "Godfather of FMX" for the pedestrians reading) HOLY SH*T! He's super cool and let's us get some pics. He laughs as Tom reminds him about an OLD mountain bike vid (Chain Smokin). Thanks Metz! Congrats on that killer Caesar's fountain jump!

This shot pays for my beer, but I still owe you Tom!

Metz - These dudes are weird! HA! Thanks Metz!

We hang around and watch the bikers go off during the finals - gotta remember to record that tonight. 360 double tail whips, flair transfers, and monster tail whips over the mega step up... we were screamin' and clappin' alot!

The Toms and I part ways as they are gonna hang out for Hoobastank. I call the woman to pick me up and beat feet off the premises... BUT IT AIN'T OVER YET!

I'm headed in that direction anyway, so I stop by a hotel, just to see if Hendrix is staying there again this year... he is... killer... I write him a note and leave it at the front desk with the CD of pics I took last year (that I promised his Dad I would send, but lost his business card). Hope he gets it. As I'm writing, in walks Kenny Bartram! I try to finish up quick, in time to get a photo, and then Deegan shows! Mulisha in da howse! I'm stoked!

Mulisha, Concretin, Cowboy. Kickass! Thanks guys!

As I'm leavin' I walk by Gentry and get another "LT hater" pic. Hilarious! Chris was very cool and seemed to appreciate that I remember the "Kingdom Skateboards" days...

Yer gonna crack a tooth Chris!

So all I need now is to talk to Bob and/or Bucky... and my weekend will be complete... gotta get 'em the Lil' Tony DVD and Concretins T-shirt. But gettin' some face time on NBC for the Concretins will be cool too. Shouldn't be too hard with VIP seating, and some cool signs that I know the skaters will appreciate.

Get yer Gnar on boys! The Game is ON!!


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