CRETIN: /kret'in/, /kree'tn/, n.
Congenital loser; an obnoxious person; someone who can't do anything right

CONCRETIN: /kahn'kret'in/, /kahn'kree'tn/, n.
Cretin who loves to skate concrete

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lazy 'Cretins

Ah-ight... I need a life, I know. But I can't believe you guys left the "Whoa OH! Sitting on a bear!" vid on point over a week... but whatev...

We all bailed on ramp work this weekend. I've got a gimp shoulder, which seems to be loosening up finally. I think we were all just burned out on working in the ridiculous heat that rolls through the Ohio Valley this time of year as well. But we'll get back on it next weekend Phil. We want it done as bad as you do. Here's a few pics from the previous work session. Doesn't look like much progress, but it's gettin' there. And better prep means a better ramp.
-Much work to be done...

I only hit the Sunday session, so because the other 'Cretins apparently have lives, the Wednesday and Saturday session highlights shall not be posted. I'm really not feeling the new board. Sorry Lance. It looks odd, and just too damn skinny. I'm having decent sessions, but my toes hangin' off the side make me feel a bit off kilter, reducing my stoke for progression... so new grip has been ordered and should be here this week, and the Ray Barbee shall be skated! Old School represent! HA! Because Old's Cool! Can't wait!

The Sunday crew included Travio, Skidz, KidSkid, Phil, Bill, Tony, Brett, me and grom Alex. Travio is stoked to have some new Rainskates Stingers. He and Tony both are drawing dizzy speedlines in the shallows. When they start putting that speed on the coping, it's gonna be schweet. Trav is already hittin' 50-50s pretty consistent now. Phil showed up just before I left and hit fast 50-50s in the 8' vert, first run. Skidz is really feeling the deep end and I suspect he'll be grinding it before year's end... He also put on a pivot clinic in the shallows. Including FS pivot to tail first try! Stoke! 'Twas a shorter session for me, and we all chatted more than we skated... so that's it for the highlights. But when you're old, just skating feels good.

Tony was bitchin' about not being able to become an "official" 'Cretin because the only roadtrip we have planned is Arizona in November... So I challenge the rest of you slags to look at your calendars and let's get the hell outta DaVille. Bowling Green? Detroit? Gimpy-Ville? (I know I'll be in the Detroit region October 13th for a wedding.) I'm definately going to BG next weekend (Saturday, Sept. 8). I don't know if Frankfort constitutes enough of a roadtrip for secret society induction, but, damn that was a fun session and I think that ramp needs more 'Cretin love.

Yo MOFO! How about a mini-ramp session this week? We can put a treadmill on the deck if you need to run, but still wanna be a part of the session. :) When are you running in Ohio again?

Oh, out of the blue: For those of us who THINK we can skate the Bloomington, Indiana "pool," I again present to you, 10 year old Micah Wu. This kid rips. Period. You should check out his blog. His skating is REALLY nuts on stuff that's a bit more suited for his size. When he grows up, his gnar shall far exceed my own... oh, nevermind, too late.


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