CRETIN: /kret'in/, /kree'tn/, n.
Congenital loser; an obnoxious person; someone who can't do anything right

CONCRETIN: /kahn'kret'in/, /kahn'kree'tn/, n.
Cretin who loves to skate concrete

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lazy 'Cretin

So I've been lazy, and haven't worked on skate vids/pics from the BBQ, even though the stoke from that is still flowin'. I haven't done that, as what little "project energy" I've spent, has been used on Christmas decorations (I ain't sayin' Holiday punk. It's CHRISTMAS at our house) and bathroom renovation planning. (Not much energy has been spent on the renovation, just the planning. I'm still freakin', but the old tile is out, so there's no turning back now.) I've shrunk into my own head a bit, as I usually do when the weather gets crappy and projects are overwhelming, and I just don't feel like hangin' with peeps, even the cool 'Cretins. Shrinkin' into a shell is very difficult this time of year... which makes me wanna tell the world to piss off that much more... but alas... I can't seem to get the world to quit spinnin'...

Anyway, I have been skating a couple of times and both sessions have been great. Last weeks midweek session was great and actually warm. But suprisingly the park was virtually empty. Tony, Travio, Skidzilla and I hit the 'crete for a good long session. This weekend, Junior and I said we gotta skate even though it has been raining 48 hours straight. I called Mofo and the mini ramp session was on. I had mentioned to Kyle that I don't learn stuff in the winter, it's just too cold and I skate all stiff and crusty, but much to my surprise, I was having a great session. Pivots are one of those tricks that each session is different, I either have 'em or I don't. This morning, I HAD them. Usually a good session when I do. So I thought, a 5-0 grind is just a pivot, moving. I carved in with just a lil' more speed, leaned back just a bit, and tada! Backside 5-0s!!! STOKED! FINALLY. Skidzilla has been doin' 'em all summer, and he just started skating 5 years ago... So after 20, it's time I had them. I also finished my session with some well popped 270 stalls. But they're still inconsistent.

Junior is going a step further to fight off the dizziness that I suffer from doing everything backside. He began the journey to get fs grinds. He had no problem gettin' locked on the coping and grinding across the ramp... but the neste plunge that Dave does with ease, that's just skeery! But he's nuttin' up for 'em, and he's really only 1 good session away from the make. He's got the sliders to fakie and 50-50s consistent too.

Now Mofo, he complained a bit, but was really skating like his usual bad ass self. Though we did witness a struggle, with half-cab-blunt-pivots... but it really makes me nuts that his "struggle" included complete misses of the blunt (rock-n-roll instead), but he didn't bail! He'd go back in and set up and try again. It's impressive when you're able to do this once, stay on your run when missing a trick... but he did it several times in the same run! And then finally, he'd scrunch his brow just right, and spun the fastest half-cab-blunt-pivot I've ever seen... perfection. Then, when he did it again, things weren't quite right to take the pviot back in, so he slapped it to tail and went back in. Jeez. He makes my jaw drop every session... Bloody Mofo!

So Dave was havin' a Christmas party today, and I couldn't wait to tell him about my 5-0s. He smiled and said, "Hey that's great. Frontside?" Bastard. Just had to bust my balls. Should have I expected anything less? No mercy. Whatta Punk...

And with all the chit chat goin' on today, and in the past few weeks, I'm gonna make a Concretins prediction. Within 2 years, we will have a full blown mini-ramp circuit available in the Louisville region, with a minimum of 4 private ramps, if not 5 or 6... Hopefully, a self fulfilling prophecy. Now, excuse me, I need to get back to rewriting the bathroom plan... Hey, I don't suffer from ScorpioticNeurosis, I enjoy every minute of it.


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