CRETIN: /kret'in/, /kree'tn/, n.
Congenital loser; an obnoxious person; someone who can't do anything right

CONCRETIN: /kahn'kret'in/, /kahn'kree'tn/, n.
Cretin who loves to skate concrete

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Evening Session

Wednesday, March 21, 2007. 70 degrees and clear - perfect skate weather for the 2nd Day of Spring.

Skidzilla to all local Concretins: "Can you come out and play?"

Nikoli: "I gotta work in the basement. But Maybe. I dunno. Call me when you go."

Mofo: "I ain't driving in - I'm too tired."

Travio: "Maybe, if I can get permission." But, later revised to: "I'm gonna work on the house."

EB (not technically a Concretin, but had the best excuse): "I gotta clean out the back yard, but I might get to play in it when I'm done!"

Although I wanted to skate, Gibzilla brightened my day with a righteous game of Frisbee. And Lo! When I walked in the house a message awaited from Nikoli saying he was ready to skate - and bother - he wasn't kidding.

The park should have been more crowded given the perfect weather conditions with a forecast for storms, but the crowd was tolerable. Nick always gives me props for going at it hard from the get go, but DAMN! He showed up ready to rip. He was wowing all the little kids (and some grown ups, too - myself included) with perfect Rock and Rolls in the six, in the eight, in the four - multiple times in a single run. He was pushing it hard and high in the full pipe, but most impressively he wired in the axle stall in the eight by full pipe. He was stoked about it and I was stoked for him!

Myself? I was fighting for just about everything, but had a good time. I got some fs grinds in the four and went about as high as I've ever been in the full pipe (unwitnessed due to Nick's fascination with Tyrone's abilities - clearly understood, tho') other that that not much worth mentioning.


  • At 2:15 PM, Blogger Nikoli said…

    LMAO! "Backyard." Nicely done Skid. I was worried. But don't play there. Exit only!

    Yes, definitely a stokin' session. Even with the 2 new scabs! (Didn't quite wire the 50-50 in the 6')

    I'll work on the basement tonight, as it is raining.

  • At 5:46 PM, Blogger gimpinainteasy said…

    Nice weekend coming up. Looking to roll in either Saturday or Sunday.

  • At 10:51 AM, Blogger NoShow said…

    Hahaha! Nice one, Skidz. Classy :D


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