CRETIN: /kret'in/, /kree'tn/, n.
Congenital loser; an obnoxious person; someone who can't do anything right

CONCRETIN: /kahn'kret'in/, /kahn'kree'tn/, n.
Cretin who loves to skate concrete

Sunday, September 26, 2010

OMP & Wife rip the Quad Cities

My wife has never run more than 6 miles. She's only done that distance one time.
She decides to "run/walk" a Half Marathon because I'm doing the full and she...
as always... is being supportive.
She kills it!!!! Ran more than 11 miles walked about 1-1/2. Time over 13.2 miles: 2:40!
The Girls Rocks!!!!

My report: 26.2 miles w/no stops: 3:57...My first Marathon...pretty happy.
Now......Back to skating!!!!!


  • At 8:22 PM, Blogger Nikoli said…

    Great job OMP! (And Mrs. OMP) Welcome back!! We've missed you! Wait 'til you see the board I'm skatin' now... Just 2 sessions in and I'm fully stoked on skatin' again.

  • At 9:46 PM, Blogger gimpinainteasy said…



    Skate with you soon!


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