CRETIN: /kret'in/, /kree'tn/, n.
Congenital loser; an obnoxious person; someone who can't do anything right

CONCRETIN: /kahn'kret'in/, /kahn'kree'tn/, n.
Cretin who loves to skate concrete

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nice to Come Home - or Skidzilla Checks Out Again

Good start to a great vacation! But since this is a skate related blog, and my vacation was all about snowboarding - you can read it about it at Skidzilla's Personal Blog (updated for the first time in ages for your benefit).

The one skate thing did happen in route from Salt Lake in the Cincinnati Aeropuerto. I was grabbing a cuppa coffee from the Multinational Coffee Conglomerate situated in Concourse C. I had my Spitfire Hoodie on and the Barrista, a woman no more than 20, asked, "Do you Skate?"

"I Do." I said in reply

"That's so cool!" She said. I suspected she was trying her best to hide the parenthetical statement rolling around in her mind. Actually, I was quite positive her response was, "That's so cool (for an old dude)."

The woman in front of me looked back and gave me a look that clearly said, "That is so NOT cool!"

But then it happened - THE Question - and no skateboard in site. The youthful and less-than-educated (skate-wise, at least) barrista then said, "So do you ride for Element as a pro?"

I chose the truth despite the fact it was clearly going to crush her. "No," I said. "I just got a bad-ass sweatshirt for my birthday."

Trying to remain cool in the face of NOT meeting a celebrity, she said. "It is a cool sweatshirt. My friend has a skateboard with the same logo on it." She was re-smitten with me when she saw the SpongeBob charm on my zipper that Aine gave me. As she was gushing, I grabbed my joe and headed toward my flight.

I smiled even bigger when I saw a pilot's bag with a sticker of Ralph Wiggums on it.

It's good to be home.


  • At 8:54 AM, Blogger Nikoli said…

    Welcome back my man. I do hope the bloke in the next stall could "spare a square" and wasn't a cop. ;)

  • At 7:37 PM, Blogger DeadBrinley said…

    "So are you sponsored?"

    Ha! Good one, Nik. Yeah, did you let him know you needed some paper by rubbing your fingers under the stall and then touching his foot with yours? That's I always try to get my point across :P

  • At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    One time I ran out of TP and had to wipe with a coffee filter....Wardical

  • At 8:30 AM, Blogger jer said…

    "thats where the leprechaun tells me to burrrrn things"

    R. Wiggum


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